While Trump was speaking, they were shooting at the White House

While Trump was speaking, they were shooting at the White House

An intelligence officer joined Donald Trump’s press conference, turning to the US president and saying, “Stand aside right away!” The President of the United States left the room, it was later revealed that the area around the White House was sealed, and the door to the press room was sealed from the outside.

When the president returned, he said: It is not clear what happened and the investigation is underway. All that is known so far is that bullets entered the White House, and a man was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Trump told reporters: “It seems that the intelligence service shot a person, and I don’t know what his condition is, and then we’ll see what happened.”

He added that the intelligence “is controlling the situation.” The President also thanked the service for its “prompt and efficient” work. When asked if he had gone into bunker under the White House, he replied in the negative. In response to a question, he also said that he was not embarrassed at all, nor did he remember not returning to the press conference. “Do I look like I’m embarrassed?” Reporters were asked to come back.

Photo: AFP

“I feel safe with the Secret Service, the amazing people, and some of the best, highly educated,” he stated. By the way, Trump presented at the press conference information about the Coronavirus epidemic, and in response to a question from a journalist, he indicated that the documents now released also prove that he and his staff were monitored and intercepted by the Obama administration during the 2016 election campaign. Everyone was in it: President Obama, Joe Biden, Vice President James Comey, the head of the FBI, and the intelligence leaders knew this, too. Donald Trump said: “Perhaps this has never happened before in American history and it should not be allowed to happen again.”

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