While hunting, the hunter found something strange

Worms multiply in chick and perch. The background may be climate change and the movement of winter cormorants.

A fisherman noticed a strange change when chopping perch. Discover red dots on the body, writes A picavisum.

The hunter found 20 half-sized red buds containing red worms 3-4 cm long. He also took photographs which he sent to the Hungarian Society of Algaecology. Picture of a fish slice A haltanitarsasag.hu page.

According to the company’s expert, these parasites are nematodes called Eustrongylides, which have recently multiplied aggressively in perch, perch, and rocky perch. The spread of worms is likely related to climate change and the winter movement of cormorants.

According to the expert, since there is no really cold winter weather, cormorants do not migrate south, but also find their food here. Cormorants are the last host of these worms.

Is this fish edible?

According to the Halal Association, this fish can be eaten cooked or fried.

In addition, there are a lot of problems with cormorants

Cormorants also cause significant damage to fish farms and natural waters. Only one bird of this species can eat 0.5-1 kg of fish per day, but it is also a big problem that it leaves many wounded specimens behind. Referring to estimates, Pecaverzum writes that This can mean up to thousands of tons of fish per year.

The bird has EU protection, but in Hungary it can be alerted and reduced outside protected areas.

Last year, the Ministry of Health and Global issued a tender for the reduction of 15 million HUF.

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What is worth knowing about cormorants?

a On the website of the Hungarian Ornithological Society According to the description in the previous report, it is a relatively common species known as cormorants, which previously experienced a significant increase in the Hungarian population. In the fall, in addition to the personnel of the local population, additional troops will arrive from the north.

As lakes and water freeze, a large part of the birds move south, but many specimens can spend the winter in non-freezing waters.

It is one of the members of the galactic fauna of birds that can cause great damage to aquarium farmers.

Cormorants specialize in eating fish – Photo by Pixabay

According to Decree 13/2001 KöM, the legal protection of the domestic herd in the EC can be interpreted according to the category of animal species important from the point of view of nature protection, as well as the conditions of the law,

Species distribution: Eurasia, Africa, North America, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand. Hungary spends the largest number in fair forests along rivers. It builds its nest from twigs to the thorns of old trees.

Interestingly, the excrement of cormorants quickly destroys the trees that preserve the nests, but the birds still use them. On average, 3 eggs are laid, the parents take turns hatching, and the chicks are cared for together.

Cormorants specialize in eating fish. Often they also hunt in groups, in which case they shift their prey together under water.

However, unlike most waterfowl, these birds do not have sebaceous glands and cannot cover their feathers with a waterproof layer, which makes them completely wet under the water. Therefore, it is often seen along the water that cormorants dry out with outstretched wings after a few dives.

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