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Which platinum cup congratulates Andy Serkis? [VIDEO]


Sony managed to break into a strange marketing campaign with an unlisted YouTube video.

a Reset Iran A video clip appeared in which an actor named Andy Serkis congratulated the players on collecting the Platinum Trophy. And here he is groping in the dark, because any kind of Venom: Let There Be Carnage can congratulate Poison 2 – Bloodthirsty) film director? This movie also pops up to the point of making some cuts, while Andy Serkis literally says, “Congratulations on achieving the Platinum Cup. That’s the performance then. Good job!” You can watch the video below anyway.

We can say that this video must have been made for Venom 2… but we are not aware of any mods for the game. Neither Sony nor Andy Serkis has officially mentioned this video, so what’s really interesting is that this video exists (in fact, especially since it was uploaded to the official European PlayStation channel…) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? In it, Venom will appear alongside Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and this “huge, darker” game, despite being made, won’t be released until 2023. So why was this short film taped so early, plus it’s a “producer Minor” for a movie that might not be relevant to the PlayStation 5 exclusive version of the game?

One possible theory is that Sony made an unregistered direct upload because it is sending this in an email to players who have accumulated platinum in an in-house first-party game. From that, you can jump into Marvel’s Spider-Man, or maybe Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and since both games have been around for a long time, that makes sense. Sony has been sending emails to some platforms since 2012…but there was an example that someone didn’t play Horizon Zero Dawn, but received a congratulatory email from Sony.

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One day it’ll be clear what this 4D pixel game Sony is up to, but it sure is somehow hard to hook the new Venom movie here.

Source: PSL

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