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Which is better in High on Life?

Which is better in High on Life?

High on Life is a funny shooter that was originally only available on Xbox, but is now available on PlayStation. But which version is better and better? The experts at Digital Foundry meticulously compared the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions and came to surprising conclusions. The PS5 version offers a much higher resolution, but that doesn’t come for free.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X High on Life versions both offer two visual modes: Performance (60fps) and Quality (30fps). But there is a big difference between them. The PS5 version focuses on the amount of pixels, at full 4K in quality mode and approx. It provides a resolution of 1800 pixels. However, on the Xbox Series X version, both modes have a resolution of 1440p, the only difference being in the visual additions (in Quality mode, for example, the ambient lighting and shutter are better). The same is true for the Xbox Series S version, only both modes are 1080p.

On the other hand, the PS5 version does not have such noticeable differences in visual quality, and there are animation glitches that were previously present in the Xbox version but have been fixed. The PS5 version also doesn’t work as it should, in performance mode it sometimes drops to around 40fps (quality mode keeps a stable 30fps). In contrast, the Xbox Series X/S version works perfectly in both modes.

So it seems that the PS5 version is less accurate than the Xbox Series X / S versions, but we get a sharper picture in return. Overall, the Xbox version looks like a better product, but it’s up to you which is more important to you.

source: wccftech

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