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Whether the epidemic is strict or not: Experts and government play elsewhere

Members of the British government are cautiously optimistic about the pandemic, believing that it will not be necessary to re-impose strict restrictions, including, above all, disguise to the public, that is, despite the seriousness of the situation, there is no need to arm Plan B, he writes financial times Quoting quasi-governmental sources. The mood has improved in recent days, with the latest data showing a slight decrease in infections over the past week, while the third vaccination campaign is progressing well.

A senior government official said there was currently no indication that Plan B would need to be refined, although he added that it would be premature to draw definitive conclusions from the available data. An informed person from the Ministry of Health made a similar statement, believing that based on current information, there is no need to change the government’s epidemiological policy. And the government is happy to be proud of the booster programme, which spanned 72 hours in which 800,000 vaccines were administered.

Downing Street states that the emergency plan will only be implemented if the NHS is found to be under unbearable stress. The situation is not reassuring in this regard, as 8,700 patients were treated in hospitals on October 25 for coronavirus disease, the highest number since early March, when the vaccination campaign was still in its infancy.

The profession is nervous

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS union, who wanted tighter restrictions as early as mid-October, also believes there is a need to implement Plan B in late October.

With relatively simple preventative steps, he says, they can avoid the risk of bigger problems. It is not only an epidemic, but also, for example, at the end of October, in most parts of the island country, the real cold in which the Virgoncan virus can spread has not arrived at all.

Be careful with numbers

On the other hand, another expert, working close to decision makers, gave only a 20 per cent chance of introducing austerity measures. It seems certain that the government won’t change the rules in late October or early November, as the fall holidays for schools fall during this period. Healthcare executives hope the epidemic will be curbed after the infection has spread primarily through children at this point.

The decrease in cases is partly due to infection in people over 80 years of age decreases traceable, indicating that administration of the third vaccine is effective in enhancing protection.

Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, warns of poor data in the UK. This is partly due to the fact that a lot is tested in the island country compared to European countries. This distorts the comparison, and it is worth looking at before we are horrified at how relatively bad the pandemic situation is in Britain.

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