"Where's the border?"  New unions hold government responsible for banning air traffic controllers' strike

“Where’s the border?” New unions hold government responsible for banning air traffic controllers’ strike

In a joint statement, four trade union federations, namely the Hungarian Federation of Trade Unions (MASZSZ), the Trade Union Cooperation Forum (SZEF), the Confederation of Intellectual Trade Unions (ÉSZT) and the Trade Union Confederation, expressed concern about the government’s ban on the state of emergency on July 27, the strike Air traffic control personnel at HungaroControl Zrt. 100% state-owned, who would have demanded a 15% salary increase.

Since it will be possible to ensure the smooth circulation of vital equipment for epidemic control even in the event of a strike, it is assumed that business interests, including the intention to operate international tourism, are at the heart of the ban. But this cannot be a reason to restrict the right to strike and to interfere with the functions of the state.

The joint trade union federations emphasize that the government, as the representative of the Hungarian possessing state, should not confuse the exercise of property rights with the performance of the functions of public administration.

“Doing so creates uncertainty among all Hungarian workers and the unions representing them about the limits of such interventions?”

they write.

Defense organizations say the government should exercise ownership directives that encourage management to negotiate rather than interfere in an internal company labor dispute through government decree. Therefore, they demand the government to repeal the government decree that makes it impossible for air traffic controllers to strike, and demand the separation of the role of state management from state ownership, and resolution of any workplace conflict within the workplace.

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As reported, previously after FAS, public sector unions also defended the demands and rights of air traffic controllers. The unions called on the government to enter into wage negotiations rather than restricting the right to strike, and stressed the need for an agreement to ensure basic equipment to fight the pandemic is available even in the event of a strike. The call of public sector organizations is symbolic because it is also very difficult or completely impossible to strike in the professions they represent because of the government or the strike law.

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