Where: Tulip farm near Cegléd

From the content of the March 9 broadcast.

A week ago, we visited a tulip farm near Cegléd, whose owners – Mihály Sipos and Krisztina Ruszkai – left their comfortable city lives there more than 10 years ago to start a new life in the countryside. “The secret of success is that we really wanted it,” they admit, speaking as honestly about the hardships of life on the farm as they do about its beauty. A few years ago, a sustainable farm regression society was formed around them, whose members provide food for each other, and they all believe that although you can live anywhere, it is more beneficial to live only on a farm. An important aspect also for them is the preservation of the world of dwellings in the Great Plains, which are considered Hungarian – there are some who become landowners in addition to their successful businesses, and there are also those who bought their farms from the Dutch so that they would be in Hungarian hands, but the program also reveals the breeding of horses with relevance, and with what perspective it is worth considering all this.
Amplifiers: Mihály Sipos, Krisztina Ruszkai, Borbála Péter, László Borbély, and Géza Péter.

Venue – Kossuth Rádió – Thursday, March 9, 11:07 am

Editor: Maria Fury
Host: Rudolf Burkert
Sound engineer: Zoltán Dancs

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