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Where is the coldest place on earth?

Where is the coldest place on earth?

There are some places on Earth that are very cold. But what is the lowest temperature ever recorded and where was it measured?

From the South Pole to the Arctic Circle, frigid temperatures can be extremely low in some places. But what are the coldest temperatures ever recorded? What are the coldest cities and the coldest permanently inhabited parts of the Earth?

In general, the Earth’s average temperature ranges between minus 25 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. In comparison, the temperature during the day on Mercury rises to 430 degrees Celsius, while at night it drops to minus 180 degrees Celsius. live science.

At the same time, we can also experience extremes on the ground. With that in mind, here are some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded on our planet.

Where is the coldest place on Earth?

East Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica – minus 98 degrees Celsius

On the icy plateau in the eastern part of Antarctica, the temperature can drop to minus 98 degrees Celsius. Because of this, this plateau is the coldest place on Earth.

The researchers found this by re-examining satellite data measured on a ridge of the Antarctic ice sheet that previously reached -93 degrees Celsius. the Geophysical Research Letters Their new analysis, published in the journal Nature, shows that the temperature was actually lower than that.

They found that the cold temperatures were caused by clear weather and very dry air: moisture traps heat in the air. Both conditions must be present for several days before the temperature drops to minus 98 degrees Celsius.

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What was the previous coldest temperature ever recorded?

Vostok Research Station, Antarctica – -89.2 degrees Celsius

Before the East Antarctic Plateau set the record on August 10, 2010, the Vostok Research Station held the world record for coldest temperatures. The research base is located 1,301 kilometers from the geographic South Pole. In the southern hemisphere, on July 21, 1983, during the summer period, weather data measured a freezing temperature of minus 89.2 degrees Celsius for ten days.

Climatic conditions must be ideal for the temperature to reach this low. In 2009, researchers determined that a mass of cold air prevented relatively warm air from the Southern Ocean from mixing, trapping the station in an icy vortex. There was also no cloud cover to help keep the heat out.

the Journal of Geophysical Research According to the researchers in their study published in the journal Vosztok, under the right conditions, it can be much colder at Vosztok Station, with a possible record low temperature of -96 degrees Celsius.

Where is the coldest permanently haunted place?

Ogmjakon. Source: Wikimedia Commons / Martin Takins

Oymyakon, Russia – -71.2 degrees Celsius

The village of Ojemjakon in eastern Siberia is known as the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth. Its name translates to “water that does not freeze”, due to the thermal springs nearby. The town was originally a destination for reindeer herders who took their herds to the spring for water.

The average winter temperature in Ocemjakon is minus 50 degrees Celsius. The coldest day in the city was recorded in 1924, when the temperature dropped to minus 71.2 degrees Celsius.

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