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When will NER have its own airport terminal?

When will NER have its own airport terminal?

Aviation is not in turmoil only because of strikes – new demands, demands and desires force the sector to constantly renew itself. There is no changing the fact that it is still one of the largest companies in the world today when we move up to the cloud. True, despite great businesses, there are companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

Luxury car and private car. NER has both. All we need is a private airport. Image: Pixabay

It has long been rumored that the era of national airlines is over, even if the names British Airways or Air France have long been familiar. But sometimes these things change too – Air France-KLM is now the “honest name” – not to mention that ownership relationships are completely opaque to the outside observer.

Under the decision of the Board of Directors of SAS AB, the Air France-KLM group will acquire a stake in the Scandinavian airline, and the airlines will also enter into commercial cooperation if SAS leaves its current airline alliance, Star Alliance, it read. In an Air France statement that day.

For some, being late is work

Under the agreement, the Air France-KLM group, Castlelake and Lind Invest ApS can participate as a consortium in the settlement of the financial situation of SAS AB, which is currently under bankruptcy protection issued in the United States of America. Within this framework, the consortium, in cooperation with the Danish state, will invest $1.175 billion, of which $475 million will be ordinary shares and $700 million will be convertible bonds.

The ownership of airports and service facilities was not yet understood, but the traveler does not really care about all that, just reaches his destination on time and safely. Well, there’s been a problem with time lately, and not just in the case of low-cost airlines. Of course, this is also someone’s business, for example for hotels near the airport where the passenger is staying.

In recent decades, one of the biggest changes has been the emergence of low-cost flights, the other being caused by the tragedy of September 11, 2001, as a result of which the security systems had to be completely overhauled, as an alternative solution. As a result, there are many things related to flying. We are already used to it, but what comes next – of course, this applies primarily to major countries – is that short-haul domestic flights have already been banned in many places due to climate protection.

Based on the new rule – which many objected to – it is no longer possible to travel by plane from Paris to Nantes, Lyon or Bordeaux – reported with reference to the BBC – According to the BBC, the national climate organization created by France wanted the president Emmanuel Macron originally had stricter rules, and they were going to cap train journeys at four hours. This was later reduced to two and a half hours due to protests from some French regions and the Air France-KLM group.

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The demand for comfort is also increasing

As we have seen, the popularization of air transport can be observed in recent decades. More and more people are able to afford cheap – and completely unpredictable – tickets. At the same time, the demand for comfort and luxury is also increasing.

Not only is the turnover of special machines high, but the demand for hybrid solutions is also growing. JSX, which bills itself as a semi-private aircraft operator, has recently been offering private flights at commercial rates. Meanwhile, commuters are being tempted by cocktails, super-fast Wi-Fi and new routes.

As the airline’s slogan says: Forget about arriving at the airport early and don’t wait long for your luggage to arrive. The main password is time saving, which is very important for business people, and convenience.
“Our goal is simple: to leave our customers happier when they arrive than when they leave,” Alex Wilcox, CEO and founder of JSX, said at the company’s media day event.

What does all this cost? Well, this ticket costs the same as purchasing a first class ticket on a traditional commercial airline.

You can also zoom in

Since its inception in 2016, the Dallas-based carrier has continually looked to serve “smaller air destinations that regular commercial traffic can’t handle,” Wilcox said. From this standpoint, at the beginning of the year, the American airline expanded its network between the West and East coasts, with international and seasonal flights.
The company is working on introducing an on-board feature that has long been on wish lists: in-flight Wi-Fi. They installed gateway-to-gate Wi-Fi on all of their planes and were the first to use Starlink, an offshoot of Elon Musk’s SpaceX. That’s enough for everything from casual browsing to watching movies, which is very important for business, and even for Zoom conferences. But this could not only be the device itself, it could also be the peripheral.

Everyone knows how busy and crowded airport terminals can be, and that traveling on a private jet often provides a quieter and more relaxing experience, but the latter is available to only a few people. But now passengers may not have to choose between the two – he promised Travel and entertainment Online tourism magazine.

PS is a rapidly expanding travel company that provides passengers on commercial airlines with the convenience of private airport terminals. The company, which began operations in 2017, plans to open new stations in Dallas in 2024 and in Miami in 2025, at the former Pan Am headquarters.

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“Our mission is to make people love the airport,” said Amina Porter, CEO of the company. For travel + leisure. “This is important because the worst part of the vacation is usually the trip itself.”

Travelers can choose from different service levels depending on their membership level. The All-Access membership, which costs $4,850 annually, allows members to reserve a private suite for up to four guests for $3,550 or a seat in the Salon, an upscale lounge, for $750 per person.

From home to machine

In addition to the pleasant and calm environment, caviar, champagne and other delicacies, passengers have the added benefit of being transferred directly to the waiting plane by a private car. With PS Direct, the driver transports passengers from the board to their homes in a BMW.

In the private lounge, you only meet the people you are traveling with. It’s like you’re in a hotel suite with a private bathroom, but no bed. True, they also put a sofa in case someone wants to take a nap. There is also a private toilet. In future locations, private lounges will have their own showers, TV and stocked refrigerator, not to mention masseuses, manicurists and hairstylists.

Then, when it’s time to board the plane, the passenger is escorted all the way to the plane and escorted up the plane’s steps that are usually reserved for airline staff, then taken directly to their seat. It goes without saying that this type of passenger handling is especially popular in Los Angeles, where many celebrities who want to fly secretly come here. This way, they can also avoid the paparazzi.

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