Wheel of Fortune is back with Kasza Tibi, we can expect an exciting show

Wheel of Fortune is back with Kasza Tibi, we can expect an exciting show

The Wheel of Fortune returns on July 19! The TV2 Reruns of one of the most famous Hungarian TV Test Taibi’s story Under supervision. But we wouldn’t be without a lucky girl either, because the former beauty queen, Sydney van den BoschWe’ll see in this role.

Tibi Kasha was very happy to take on the role of the presenter, as he has long been in love with this competition – Photo: YouTube

It will be more exciting now than it was before. This time, in addition to the civilian players, there is always a well-known person, which makes the show even more interesting and special. In addition to the puzzle-solving and spinning thrills, entertainment appeared, with plenty of laughter and chirping. Tibi Kasah, who also revealed that he does not know the solutions in advance, so he is always excited with the players, said “Viewers can watch a show with a humorous atmosphere. During the recordings, it was part of the silent joy, but it was also sad if someone still couldn’t Discover the solution.

As Sydney van den Bosch is left without a mission, he is trying to bring good luck to the players. You yourself feel that you were born under the shadow of a lucky star, something always helps you.

“There was an interesting situation when Tibi and I switched places. I became the presenter and my tye became the lucky boy – told the model, who also revealed that one of her role models is the host of the original Wheel of Fortune competition, Prokop Dora.

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