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WhatsApp can exclude those who do not share their data with it

WhatsApp can exclude those who do not share their data with it

We previously reported that a relatively big scandal broke out earlier this year on the Internet around a very widely used communication platform called WhatsApp. Facebook, which owns the service, announced that all users will be required to accept the new planned terms, which are based on WhatsApp that will share more data about its users with Facebook.

Of course, after the original announcement, a lot of half of the information spread, further enraging users, and WhatsApp responded relatively quickly. It was noted, for example, that our conversations and contacts are still encrypted and will not be accessible to Facebook in any way. In fact, the new terms of use mainly affect business users, and it is expected that sharing data with the Facebook Business platform will benefit everyone, but the data obtained in this way can be used by Facebook for other advertising purposes.

Source: Thomas Ulrich / Pixabay

But what happens if the user does not agree to the new terms? The company announced that WhatsApp will reject and encourage acceptance regularly at first, at least for a few weeks, and after that it will become permanent, so the program will always cancel the download of the new terms and ask for admission.

From now on, if the user continues to resist, the functions available to the application will be continually reduced.

One of the most important parts of this is that we will not be able to view our messages in the usual way and we will not have access to our previous conversations. Incoming calls will still be answered, messages will remain open and answered from the phone notifications interface, but the user will no longer be able to start a new conversation.

The company has yet to talk about how gradually the restrictions are taking effect, but anyone who does not accept the new terms will soon realize that the app is not working as usual.

Source: WhatsApp

Incidentally, not only do the users dislike the position, but also the various organizational organizations. In Germany, the Hamburg data protection authority examined the new terms of use under an expedited procedure and found that they were too broad, unclear and inconsistent in many places.

Data Protection Commissioner, Johannes Kaspar, said that data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook cannot go into effect in this fashion, as the security of the data of millions of German users cannot be guaranteed and the giant has the potential to misuse it.

In addition, it has been suggested that decision-makers in the European Union impose a similar ban, which could be in effect in all member states.

In any case, the Germans have now given Facebook three months to settle the rejected points in the new terms of use. At the same time, many seem to prefer to leave WhatsApp there and switch to services like Signal or Telegram.

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