What's new in Android 13 is leaking

What’s new in Android 13 is leaking

It can help eliminate spam, and improve headphone performance.

the XDA Developers Thanks to its trusted source and Android source code repository, the first information about Android 13 is expected to arrive next fall. The operating system is currently still in the early stages of development, so new features may disappear or change, and information must be managed in light of this.

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Starting with the most useful innovation, Android 13 can bring full support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, which greatly improves your phone’s battery life and paired ears during wireless audio transmission. Unfortunately, we are not only talking about a software solution, mobile phones and earphones need to support the standard in both devices, but its general support in Android is an important step in the way of getting used to it.

Another big curiosity is that after iOS, Android 13 is also free to apply for permission so that installed apps can display notifications, which can help prevent unwanted inconveniences quickly. Keeping your apps running will allow you to individually tweak the language in which they look like Android, so that you can force them to display their interface in a foreign language if necessary.

Finally, it appears that Android developers want to manage the amount of processor time available to apps running in the background with a battery-based system based on quotas. In principle, they will try to improve battery life, and the details of how the solution will work are not yet clear.

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