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“What the hell am I independent?” – The star of the series “Neighbors” exploded in angry insults, and was included in the procession of the successful series “Pak”.

“What the hell am I independent?”  – The star of the series “Neighbors” exploded in angry insults, and was included in the procession of the successful series “Pak”.

Szomszédok was one of the most successful and popular Hungarian series of all time, which fans still quote fondly. Whenever they see Erzsi Pásztor somewhere, they always talk about Auntie Janka, who kept filling her cup, or they remember the legendary line of the ever-nagging Auntie Lenke and Uncle Taki. It's hard to believe that the series has been over for so long, but it is still very popular – M3 previously repeated the episodes and received very good ratings.

Recently, a special edition for Christmas 2023 was produced by Partizan: where some of the characters got together and talked about the series. Most of them returned to Gazdagrét – including Erzsi Pásztor, Károly Nemcsák, Kristóf Németh and Attila Epres, but for example János Kulka and Anita Ábel did not take part in the special edition.

It's an amazing sight, this is what the Somszédok panel house looks like now from the inside, how much it has changed in 25 years

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Many people do not even know that at that time a Pak Show for Neighbors was also created, where the creators also showed the shots that for some reason did not work. It is true that the viewers of our small village used to publish a crying procession after each episode, but the video of the neighbors crying was not seen by a large number of people who watched the series and loved it.

Fortunately, someone has uploaded this to the largest video-sharing site, so now everyone can see why the János Kulka leather jacket scene was replayed so many times, why Karola Cschoros and Peter Trokan laughed so much, and what the problem is, one Ferenc Zenthe and Juci Komlós mean, but Of course they also include when Geza Hovey just rang the bell during filming. In addition to all this, one of the actors exploded, cursing angrily during one of the recordings, because he couldn't remember the lyrics to the song.

“What the hell am I independent?”

– Giorgi Kezdi vehemently poses the question to the director in the Neighbors Pak parade, which can be seen below.

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