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What is the value of this fifth place?

What is the value of this fifth place?

In a sports competition, usually only the gold medalist is completely satisfied, the others lament the missed opportunity, because they did not achieve a better result, as they had the opportunity, but for some reason could not take advantage of it. In light of this, what is the value of the Hungarian team’s fifth place in the European Men’s Handball Championship, which was held in Germany?

Anyone who wants to find fault has an easy task Shima Rodriguez In his team's performance, because there was a lot of it. In the midst of a generational change in a team in transition, the 'old people' are soon found to be carrying the brunt by fans who always settle for just winning, as well as the youngsters who are spreading their wings at this level. , thus kicking over and over again. she has This was certainly his last continental match. For a potter, , For palasics, And the The first is for brothers.

If we were to describe our national team's match in one word, perhaps the most appropriate adjective would be undulation. We would go up, then down, then up and down again – just like in an amusement park on a roller coaster. This was not necessarily related to the final result, for example we beat Montenegro in the opening match, but to what kind of match and how many mistakes. At the same time, the volitional factors cannot be criticized even once – those who played poorly were also nervous on the field.

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José María “Cima” Rodríguez Vaquero, Spanish captain of the Hungarian national team B and coach Miguel Ángel Velasco celebrate after the match between Hungary and Slovenia for fifth place in the European Men's Olympic Qualifying Championship at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne on January 26, 2024. The Hungarian national team won by 23 -22. MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

But despite all its problems, this fifth place is the best Hungarian appearance in the history of European men's handball since 1994, that is, almost thirty years ago. List of the team that wrote sporting history: Gabor Anksen, Aryan Ando, ​​Laszlo Bartoč, Bence Banhedi, Richard Budu, Pukka Bendegóz, Gerjo Fazekas, Hanusz Egun, Ilic Zoran, Emre Bence, Bence Krakowski, Zsolt Krakowski, Matej Lekay, Patrick. Ligetvari, Dominique Matthi, Christoph Palassics, Miklos Rosta, Adrian Sipos, Zoltan Cita.

It is possible to surpass them, or at least this result can be repeated two years from now in the Scandinavian European Championship, jointly organized by Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But until then, our national team awaits another big test of strength: the Olympic qualifiers in March. You can build on your performance in the European Championship. This company is suitable in all respects to fight for participation in the Pentathlon Games in Paris. It seems that willpower will not be an issue, and the game can be improved even then.

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