What is the opinion of US Ambassador David Pressman?  That was enough!

What is the opinion of US Ambassador David Pressman? That was enough!

David Pressman, the newly appointed ambassador to the United States of America, whose person alone can be considered a provocation on the part of Joe Biden, secretly threatened Hungary because our country – along with Turkey – had not yet ratified Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO. He said he hoped there would be no need for pressure on this matter.

If we have such a friend, then there is no need for an enemy – we can say with some malice. But then, it is very difficult for an older brother to become a true friend.

We’ve already tried this in the case of Marc-Andre Godfriend, who was chargé d’affaires interim at the US Embassy between 2013 and 2014: the Latin nomen est omen (noun qualifies) wasn’t really appropriate for “good friend” — because that’s what his name means. On the contrary.

We’ve already chewed on it, we’ve already experienced the real situation: if there’s a Democratic president in power in the United States, everyone who comes here “of course” immediately interferes – or at least tries to interfere – in our internal affairs and criticizes the government if it is specifically patriotic And conservative.

There is nothing surprising in this, especially after the fact that our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto himself – a true Hungarian gentleman – said in a statement that a democratic ambassador had already arrived in Hungary, even in the 90s, who entered the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with noble simplicity, handing a paper and a rose In which the Hungarian Government and Parliament should change the text of our Basic Law in what and where …

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