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What happened?  They beat Linda Kirali – video

What happened? They beat Linda Kirali – video

The name of the golden-throated singer Not long ago With the breakup of LL Junior I grew up in contactAnd now he revealed shocking details about his past.

Linda Kirali revealed something shocking in herself Photo: Instagram

Linda King He was the most recent guest star wheel of fortuneWhere he also talked about his painful memories. During the match, this singer said, among others He grew up with his siblings in the US, where you really have to imagine a school like in the movies, with certain groups and regular mischief. According to him, he also had a period in his life when He ended up in a music school, where fights were regular. According to Linda, the girls mostly fell for each other.

– There was a period when I went to a new school, a music school, I was approx. The only white girl. They obviously started fighting with me, pushing me into the dressing room. When they called my parents for the fourth time to pick me up, they arrived with a boxing glove necklace…

I was just defending myself…but I’m done

He remembers Linda King.

By the way, the singer is A hot! magazine He talked about the enviable relationship he has with his two brothers, Benjamin and Victor. Despite the physical distance, the two brothers are involved in each other’s lives on a daily basis.

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