What happened in the third quarter is disappointing


Saturday 3 September 2022, 5:29 pm


The Canadian Aston Martin driver excelled in the first two stages of qualifying, but was unable to leave the garage in the last stage due to a hydraulic failure. Eighth place in the car.

Since there is no Q3, Lance Stroll will start from the 10th starting grid. He had the seventh best time result in the first quarter and the eighth best time in the second quarter, but he was unable to leave the garage in the final stage: according to his statement, the team had to make repairs due to a hydraulic problem.

“After five or six races, today was our first strong qualifier, probably for a long time,” Stroll, who arrived in Q3 for the first time in his season, began his statement in the mixed zone. “But on Sunday, we always had the pace, and it’s nice to see this Saturday in the same place we usually live on Sunday. I’ll try to get a good start and take some positions tomorrow. I felt comfortable in the car, and we were the most competitive in a while” .

“The reasons must be investigated,” he said of why Aston Martin suddenly turned upside down. “But the main thing is that it’s frustrating that we didn’t have a chance in Q3, I think eighth in the car.”

“We put in a lot of effort at the factory, constantly trying to get parts into the car. This might be a good track for us, but I hope we can replicate that performance on other tracks. Big thanks to the guys at the factory, they did a great job in terms of development,” Said Stroll, who, in addition to his four units this year, will really need more World Cup points. Teammate Sebastian Vettel was also going to have more time in qualifying, but the German was eliminated in Q1 after the car skidded on the dirt track.

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