Toto Wolff, Mercedes

Wfff says Netflix distorts the truth too

Toto Wolff revealed that he didn’t like what he saw on the Netflix series.

In a few days you will see a huge success campaign to survive season four (On March 11). The series of documents has brought the world of racing circus to more people in recent years, making the sport more popular in America.

Young people also took part in the “drama” of the famous broadcasting provider, but the actors do not really agree with every story. Max Verstappen He previously said that he is unwilling to get involved in the production, because Netflix often distorts the truth.


The Mercedes team boss agrees with the Dutch world champion, because he doesn’t like the series very much either:

“I watched this – episodes one and two – and hated it. I never wanted a camera in my face. We gradually evolved into this. Suddenly we realized how popular this was, it attracted a new audience, guys. But you hate to see yourself out there. They twist the strings, the narration.” They clip scenes together, showing things that didn’t even happen. As an insider, you’re saying it’s completely different. But it’s a new dimension of entertainment.” – He said wolf.

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