We've got someone to play Gomez in Netflix's series Addams Family by Tim Burton

We’ve got someone to play Gomez in Netflix’s series Addams Family by Tim Burton

Addams family fans can rejoice that The Beast Family was recently revived on one hand in the form of an animated movie that is nearing a sequel, and on the other comes the Tim Burton-directed series, Wednesday, which will focus on the title character’s grumpy girl. We already know that she will be played by Gina Ortega (Yes Sun) and now it turns out who will be the father of the character, Gomez Adams.

a diverse She reported that 64-year-old Luis Guzman Cardona, with his distinctive face, will play Gomez. Guzmán is a Puerto Rican-born actor who grew up in New York City and has been seen in a number of popular films and series in supporting rather than leading roles. Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights and Tickling Love), Steven Sodenbergh (Traffic), and Tony Scott (Chase Underground) have transformed Luis Guzman as well, but we can see it in the Narcos series, for example. According to the report, she will be playing a side role in this as well, as the series will be about the character’s daughter. Many say Johnny Depp would have been the perfect choice just for Tim Burton, but he’s currently on the blacklist due to his lawsuit with Amber Heard. By the way, Raul Julia and Tim Curry played Gomez in the films of the Addams family in the 90s, and Oscar Isaac provided his voice in the 2019 animated film.

Wednesday will be an 8-episode series, all directed by Tim Burton, and opponents Al Gough and Miles Millar, who also worked on Smallville. According to the story, our heroine goes to Nevermore Academy, where, among other things, she struggles to learn to control her own abilities, and not show, to highlight the mysterious force that has bothered her parents a little for 25 years. Ago.

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Actor Luis Guzman will play Gomez on Wednesday (Image source: Instagram)

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