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We’ve found out where eco-tourists like to go
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We’ve found out where eco-tourists like to go

Euromonitor International’s annual Sustainable Travel Index is ready.

Ninety-nine countries were examined for the aggregation, and their performance was measured by fifty-six indicators in seven themes, in the areas of environmental, social and economic conditions, risks, tourism demand, transportation and accommodation.

Accordingly, the most sustainable city in the world, as it was last year and this year, is Melbourne, which wants to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. This goal has set off a whole wave of green initiatives: streets are covered with plants, renovations are made. buildings, and CO2 neutrality for events is also an important aspect of their organization. Spain also performed well with two cities, Madrid and Seville, on the podium.


List of the most environmentally friendly urban destinations:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Madrid
  3. Seville
  4. Stockholm
  5. Tallinn
  6. toronto
  7. Palma de Mallorca
  8. Las vigas
  9. Lisbon
  10. Munich

In terms of demand for sustainable tourism, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand rank in the top three.

Long stays are common in Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand is a leader in renewable tourism.

Dunedin. New Zealand

As for individual countries, this competition has been dominated by Europe, with the top seventeen countries located on the continent, but the top twenty also includes nineteen European countries. Only Uruguay broke the streak in eighteenth place, which entered the top twenty for the first time, and improved fifteen places since 2021. Sweden, Finland and Austria rounded out the top three, while Estonia came in fifth and is the most improved, up five places. since last year.

Most sustainable destination countries:

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Austria
  4. Estonia
  5. Norway
  6. Slovakia
  7. Slovenia
  8. Iceland
  9. Latvia
  10. Switzerland
  11. France
  12. Lithuania
  13. Denmark
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Germany
  16. Portugal
  17. Croatia
  18. Uruguay
  19. Romania
  20. Poland

And when it comes to sustainability, Vienna also sets a good example, and the Black Forest is also home to a city founded in the Middle Ages, which is one of the gems of sustainability.

(source: euronews, Euromonitor, Schengen visa informationphoto: Getty Images, Unsplash)

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