We've become normal with Szijjártó, but I don't care if it's the foreign minister

We’ve become normal with Szijjártó, but I don’t care if it’s the foreign minister

He claims to be a leftist, but has nothing to do with politics anyway, and he’s not on good terms with Peter Szijjarto because he’s foreign minister On a party Friday night. In the second half of the show, which lasted about an hour, they talked for a very long time about politics and public life, from the weekly shows of the week ten years ago to the omission of the state folk festival called Hacacáré.

The musician’s first public appearance was the Weekly, where, according to Majka, “no one was so well received” as him. However, he did run into problems with one of the series’ founding members, Tivadar Varkashazi: “Teddy has an opinion, the typical left-wing artist who can’t accept anything that comes from the other side. If Fidesz or Viktor Orbán do something I know, give money to children or help mothers dying, it will still be bad.”

“There was a glass filled when the news of a neutral gourd was read that British scientists knew what they had found based on the location of the stars (…) something amazing nonsense that had nothing to do with politics – and then announced what a genius Victor Urban he is.”

According to him, Varkashazi was so “bitten” that the producer of the show, Giorgi Onodi, did not invite me to the weekly. “I wasn’t Julie John sitting there. I promise this. I think the existence of someone on the right and the left in Hungary is long gone. There are business interests: they don’t represent ideology, they don’t represent the rise of the center or the rise of the individual, they don’t represent patriotism or multiculturalism. , but it simply represents who has money somewhere – and I find that disgusting. I don’t want to interfere by nodding where I don’t agree.”

“I could have done that recording for three or four hours between these guys, and I always tell you what Fides or these guys did wrong. I also said once or twice, ‘Don’t just leave it on the stream when I don’t agree either.'”

“However, I would venture to say that Fides, for example, made hundreds of times more good moves during the period the week was gone than they were sure of — and got into a negative context a hundred times more than what actually happened,” said Majka, who repeatedly emphasized Repeatedly in the conversation that he is “not vids” and “silly not interested” in politics.

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Majka on the party Friday night of December 10 – Source: my party

But he also added that his heart tilts to the left: “The left is a hundred times closer to me, and I think a man like me should always whine about a headwind. Always. I’m disgusted with musicians who stand with their chests in elections and beat their chests and take their careers later.” “.

Among other things, this played a role in the cancellation of the festival called Hacacáré, which the government organized as an autumnal folk festival almost exclusively in pro-government settlements – and about which we also wrote about in our complex material:

“When the whole organization started, we demanded that it be transparent and transparent. Not only that, for example, those municipalities and settlements have the advantage – and we later saw that this was not the case. In fact, the organization was not what we wanted it to be, and then we said we did not want to ask for it.”

I have a good relationship with Szijjártó, but I don’t care if he’s a minister

They also touched on public life when Golias highlighted why Majka works for TV2 despite his political views, the fact show broadcasting Fidesz’s story without criticism as part of the pro-government propaganda machine, whether it’s the campaign against refugees, gay law, or the expiration of opposition politicians. According to Majka, it has nothing to do with the facts:

“It’s very important, and I get this a lot, along with Tila – who’s also a left-leaning, thinking guy and one of the most liberal men I know in the world – that we’re working on this channel where there’s a lot of attacks hitting immigrants, how do we identify with This policy? We know the ownership of this channel, but no one has ever asked me to make any political statement on any program. Never. If that happens, I will be the first to stand up and leave despite the termination.”

When asked if Majka felt that TV2 was using her to project an image of political propaganda, he replied, “All I can do is say I have nothing to do with politics.”

“With all this power you can’t go – now let’s find out how somewhere can pay you, where does this money come from? That is not the case.”

Majka defended the refugees because they felt their situation was unfair, but said it had nothing to do with partisan politics. Nor is his relationship with Peter Szijjarto, having spoken to him several times about how the government is dealing with the impossible situation of musicians during the coronavirus pandemic.

I have a good relationship with Szijjártó, but I don’t care that he is the foreign minister. He’s a soccer-loving guy I once spoke to at a festival, we had a natural pumpkin, he had his family there, his kids are very impressed, they took a picture – a sane natural guy, a pumpkin you can talk to a lot. “

Although Majka said he was “not interested” in Szijjártó’s political role, he admitted that he tried to pressure the government for the musicians – although his advice was not at all accepted. “But oh my God, that’s it. Let my family rot about this, because I became a Fides mercenary. I was with Gyurcsány too, I was with Gyurcsány too, and I ate with Gyurcsány several times. And then I became a Gyurcsány player.”

It only talks to RTL to give TV2 more

In addition to politics, the musician also spoke about lighter topics, such as:

  • The women had to be hired to “move in erotica” at Wild Chicks running on Cool TV because no one on the street had even glimpsed her breasts;
  • He left RTL because he had a say in his work, which made him reluctant to go back there, but it was also true that he recommended himself over and over to the channel. For example, he would have liked to be a mentor for X-Factor – it is true that he made these offers to the channel in order to pay him more than his salary on TV2;
  • He’d like to put on a late-night show, but he doesn’t think the genre can work much in Hungary;
  • And his fight with Officer Titus – who now controls Radio Retro and the best FM after Danubius, Class FM and Petőfi Radio – is one-sided, because he has been saying in vain in every forum for years that the radio stations run by the officer ignore the songs.. The radio expert always just says that he Nothing wrong with Majka.

But the conversation, which lasted nearly an hour, also talks about how Ozd experienced regime change and what he thinks of those who refused vaccination. You can watch it here Register on YouTube.

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