We’ve already found that 99 percent of the coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef are at risk

70-99 percent of the reefs in the Great Barrier Reef will be destroyed if nothing changes and no serious efforts are made to protect them, according to a recent report by the Australian Academy of Sciences. I read the Sydney Morning Herald. Experts have also noted that the 1.5 ° C rise in the Paris climate agreement is nearly elusive.

This is inferred from the fact that we only have three or four years to significantly reduce emissions, without which the most optimistic goal cannot be achieved. If one and a half degrees of warming remains, the area of ​​coral reefs will decrease by 70 to 90 percent,

If the elevation is 2 degrees Celsius, only 1 percent of corals can survive.

If warming could be stabilized, most corals would sooner or later return to reefs. If this does not happen, corals can be replaced by seaweeds, plants, and bacteria. Experts say that while temperatures are now rising at an average rate of 1.1 ° C since industrial production began, Australia is suffering disproportionately from global warming, with an average temperature rise of 1.4 ° C.

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