Wet World Cup: They started rolling, also beat Canada

Wet World Cup: They started rolling, also beat Canada

According to Dorotia Szilagi, the world championship of the Hungarian women’s water polo team will really start with the match against Canada, she feels that they can defeat the opponent by playing as a team.

Dorottya Szilágyi (Photo: István Drencsényi)


As in recent domestic training before the World Cup, the Hungarian women’s water polo team is, of course, the day after the historic success 64-0 against South Korea with steam power training against Canada in the other half of billiards.

In world competitions, the two opponents usually train at the same time, in the same pool, so it is clear that miracle weapons were not pulled by the parties during training. Of course, they trained, trained and made center moves, and while others did, his reflexes on the edge of the pool with goalkeeper Edina Bertalan and tennis balls sharpened.

After completion, several of them fired and out of the water as one of the last of them Dorotia Szilagi Agree to the proposal: The World Cup will actually start against Canada.

“We thought that since South Korea has not played in the World Cup yet, the match will not be exhausting, but we have been preparing for Canada for weeks. This is the first stronger match – The jersey started with ten goals ahead. You should be better prepared for their bad side, there are two drawers playing, scoring the most goals from there plus, for two years now, they are playing almost a completely different area from the other teams. We have to be prepared for that, we need to clarify what solutions we can come up with. We are very united, the atmosphere in the team has been good so far, but we are getting better together in training as well, so I think we can beat them as a team. “

The match against South Korea nearly extended the pre-season, and in the last period, after hard work, relief, refreshment and acceleration were already included in the program. “Last week and a half, we started turning around. So far, it has had a very good effect on us that we pulled off the hard work for a long time.”

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The two teams last met in the group stage of the Budapest World League, and then the Hungarian team won 16-14 in a goal-rich match.

“We could take this match somewhat as a basis, but for example, their zone was used sparingly and it turned out that their left side was stronger. Their first position, which is almost a classic, wasn’t even played in that match, so we couldn’t start from it entirely.” But at least we have already faced their shots. “

Federal captain Attila Perro has already spoken out about the fact that the Canadian national team could benefit from being more accustomed to playing together for years, while this cannot be said of our squad. However, Dorotia Szilagi says this shouldn’t be an issue. “Update, a lot of young people have a very good effect on us. It wasn’t a problem before, but now I feel better in the team than before.”

The Hungarian women’s water polo team will meet in Canada in the first round at 2.50 am Hungarian time on Tuesday, by beating Canada by eight goals.

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