Westone Audio has released the new MACH series

Westone Audio has released the new MACH series

Westone Audio just announced the new MACH Series, an extensive product line that ranges from an entry-level single BA driver all the way up to an 8-driver model.

MACH is the latest achievement in audio technology, which forms a bridge between professional performance products and services for true music lovers. With its unique comfortable fit, MACH is a product meant for everyday use and enjoyment.

All new MACH models also feature Linum T2 connectors and Linum cables. These are much better than older MMCX connectors and are more durable in a variety of environments.

The MACH10 is a BA model that focuses on detail, the sound characteristics are flat and accurate, and their use with foam heads makes the sound more “natural”. This is an entry level model and is suitable for those who do not want a very colorful sound.

The MACH20 has a more balanced sound with a more neutral bass than the Mach10, but they have a slightly forward midrange sound that puts vocals and guitars ahead. For the first two models, once again striving for a clear and detailed sound.

Weston Audio Mach

The MACH30 changes that a bit, with a more energetic sound signature – showing subtle lift in the bass and some upper-midrange direction. This results in a slightly more pleasant but balanced sound characteristic.

The MACH40 is moving towards a warmer sound, for those who like full-bodied and organic sound, the mid-bass gets more hits, while the mids and highs are muted. They also have a slightly more direct sound, and the acoustic stage is more focused and less open than some of the other models in the range.

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The MACH50 strives for smooth, open and natural sound – it doesn’t have cumbersome qualities and focuses on organic presentation, making it the perfect “everyday” headphone. It has a rather forgiving voice, it makes up for slightly worse recordings, which could be a huge hit for many.

The MACH60 has reference-like features, but the bass and treble are raised a bit, very three-dimensional sound reproduction, and delivers a wide, balanced sound. The highs are sharp, the mids are smooth and natural, and the bass is great effect, making for an excellent multi-level sound.

The MACH70 has a slight W-shape signature with great lows, well-presented mids and easy highs that are fun and enjoyable but are well controlled.

The MACH80 is the flagship model in this product line, and it also sounds great in terms of sound quality. According to Westone, the Mach80 has no obvious coloration and is designed to be a neutral reference model.

This range sounds very interesting, with lots of different audio chops to suit different tastes – you can expect excellent comfort too, as this is one area where Westone has always done well. We hope to find familiar Westone models soon at distributors.

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