Well, that’s how to create a compact family home!

I offer for sale a fully renovated compact family home with easy access, on the western edge of Pikescapa, Vieques County. A two-story brick building built in the 2000s It underwent a complete renovation last year.

A car entrance and mobile garage are installed on a fenced plot of more than 1,000 square metres. The grassy port can be a quiet and peaceful home but also excellent for farming, the farmland is of excellent quality. The possibility of building on the plot also allows for further expansion. The neighborhood is quiet and tidy, a bus stop and a shop are a five minute walk away.

The property, which has been carefully renovated with high-quality materials, contains innovative and useful solutions. The basement, which housed the aquarium, could provide irrigation from a dug well. In addition to this, there is also a separate boiler which helps in providing hot water. Water and gas mains have been connected, and the electricity network has been completely renovated.

Heating and hot water is provided by a gas boiler, but there is also a fireplace in the middle of the living room, by which the whole building can be heated. The elegantly designed living room, kitchen and bathroom opposite the entrance are an excellent use of space, despite the relatively small floor area.

The unique staircase that starts from the living room provides convenient transportation compared to the conditions of the place. Handrail installation facilitates the installation of furniture. There are two rooms and a bathroom with toilet in the attic.

The property is part furnished and fitted with a kitchen table. It is sunny, with windows installed on all sides, so it is perfectly illuminated by natural light. In the summer heat, the inverter air conditioner produces a pleasant temperature, which can also help with heating.

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