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Well, I made it to the semi-finals of Farm Vip

Well, I made it to the semi-finals of Farm Vip

Everyone was surprised when they unexpectedly entered the farmyard The previous Farm VIP contestants have already been eliminated. Rebel Fairy He was the bearer of bad news that another farm meeting would be held at the end of the day. The former players had a serious task to do, as they voted on who they would like to see in the top three. Everyone could nominate one girl and one boy, thus the finalists were formed, and the other three contestants had to fight each other in a dangerous duel. Those who are still in the game are shocked by the information that their future depends on people with whom they have a good or, conversely, a bad relationship. Immediately the team dispersed and two of them walked separately and the conspiracies began.

The Farm VIP contestants go through a farm meeting full of twists and turns (Photo: TV2)

At the farm meeting site, In the riding school, the eliminated contestants stood up one by one, and this time they could identify the selected contestants accompanied by a small ear of corn instead of a ticket. The vote was very close in the end Zsuzsi lucky And Johnny's presence He received the highest number of scores, thus reaching the finals.

Edina Balogh, Simon Szabo And Alfred Hadas They pitted themselves in a brutal duel. In this task, they had to balance the tray in front of them with the four jars on top of the hay bales with the help of two ropes. The game ends when any jar falls. However, even at this point, the old contestants had the opportunity to take revenge, as everyone could pour a cup of water into the duelist's empty jug to make it more difficult, thus increasing the weight they had to carry. The three fought with determination and focus, however Paprika Dorina Lv The intended penalty shootout stunned the rapper, the jugs fell to the ground, and after about fifteen minutes the game was over for him.

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Simon Szabó, Edina Balogh and Alfred Hadas fought for progress (Photo: TV2)

Edina And Simon He continued to fight, and in the end, after a great struggle and more than 80 minutes, the star abandoned the match, and thus the actor reached the semi-finals.

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. I was mentally defeated by the fact that so many people filled my bottles and didn't even have a chance to get to know me. I was disappointed as a human being, but you have to learn how to lose.

I'm glad it happened this way, because I think I learned a lot of lessons.

One thing is certain, I no longer want to be in a situation where my fate is in the hands of others. I'm sorry it turned out this way, but I got a lot out of this show, and I'm happy to be here – He said goodbye to these thoughts Alfred Hadas From peers and competition.

However, we should not forget that Edina Balogh He did not leave empty-handed, because last week he won 1 million forints, which he received from the jackpot, thus reducing the prize to 14 million.

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