We'll get out of this place, but Alison won't be my way

We’ll get out of this place, but Alison won’t be my way

James Allison will not be the successor to Toto Wolf as captain of the Mercedes team. The Austrian businessman said his British job would be a good fit for the position, but Alison would never take it.

Not a possible appointment as a captain to replace James Allison in the background, Tutu Wolf has knocked out Imtv htvgn. There has been speculation that Alison may be Wolff’s successor after leaving the Mercedes team as a technical director and becoming the company’s CTO, but Woolf said that was not the case.

Wolf wanted Alison to be his successor, but the British specialist did notForce: Getty Images / Charles Coates

“He would totally be able to be a colleague of us and individuals [elfogadnk]Because he has a lot of respect in his body. However, Situation once said that he would never do it in his life, because he thinks a team member needs money, so he said, Thank you, no.

Alison’s surprise would have been logical, as senior executives could be members of the board of directors. Where the team can also count on aspects of the manager that Woolf has a direct influence on. He backed our current teammate back up, and it turned out a couple of years ago that Alison could be our teammate because they totally agree on the strategic direction of Mercedes Motorsport and the Formula One team, but the British specialist “made it clear that this wasn’t him.”

“Obviously, I will watch and watch what is going on around us, who will do well, so that I can finally get out of this place!” The team referred to the daily operations.

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Wolf portrayed Allison, an important team member as captain and captain, He confirmed that he also understood what was going on at F1 as well as the technical staff. He failed to help Alison with strategic policy and sports, and paid more and more attention to other racing programs for Mercedes, “It was almost a logical step to have a technical twin.”

Cowell (right) passed away last year, this time Alison (center) gets a new job, Woolf is going too early and there might be a change between scenes soonForrs: Daimler AG / Steve Etherington

“A tool for getting technical director for all of our motorsport programs. I’m the life manager.” [CEO]And the artistic form [CTO]And he liked the recitations. “We’ve been working on this for a while,” he said, noting that Allison’s successor, Mike Elliott, was a very smart and smart brand that was one of the pillars of the team’s success.

Hamilton is not going anywhere

Wolf has a great relationship with Mercedes nowadays, almost without having to deal with one of the main people. There is a lot to be gained from the fact that the professionals who come under fire aren’t looking for a new challenge from other teams, but rather want to change their plan and plan it again in advance.

For now, the dismissal of Aldo Costa or Andy Cowell has caused no unusual damage and the team may not be weakened by Alison’s dismay. A similar problem began to arise on the racetrack, where Lewis Hamilton had been winning everything in Formula One for 36 years, but Wolf says Hamilton’s mshol mrol will not be competing.

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“Of course this will be his last team. There is no better place than Mercedes and we would like you to continue with us – he said.” DPA hrgynksg. “Our coexistence has developed and we celebrated so much success together that there are now all indications that we continue to compete together,” he said.

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