"Welcome Greetings" in Uruguay and racism in England

“Welcome Greetings” in Uruguay and racism in England

The Hungarian Telegraph Office reported that Edinson Cavani was banned from three matches by the FA for using the term racist.


Cavani Ban (Photo: AFP)

The Uruguay international striker for Manchester United is on trial for “misconduct” two weeks after the 33-year-old soccer player posted to Instagram a month ago following his 3-2 win over United Southampton – and scored twice in the meeting. Description of the word “Negrito”. Cavani claimed it was just a “loving greeting” to a friend, but the Football Association said the player had violated relevant alliance regulations, MTI wrote.

According to a ruling published by the Football Association on Thursday, the wording was “offensive, incorrect and tarnishing the reputation of the sport,” so Cavani was fined 100,000 pounds (40.6 million forint) in addition to the ban. After admitting to a violation of FIFA regulations, you must also attend personal training.

And Manchester United had already confirmed at the start of the proceedings that there was no malice in the deleted entry, which is something that Cavani also apologized for. In its statement, the club said it trusted the investigation committee to clarify the matter: Kavani was not racist and there was no racist intent in his position. It was highlighted in a recent statement that, although Cavani was unaware of the ambiguity of the wording, he did not appeal the ruling due to his respect for the Football Association and the fight against racism.

Cavani’s citizen, Luis Suarez, who was playing at the time for Liverpool FC, was banned from eight matches in December 2011 after insulting Patrice Evra, the French legion of Manchester United, for the same period during the match. Suarez then insisted that the word he used was not considered offensive in Uruguay.

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