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Weight loss from Emilio – nlc.hu

The world has transformed a lot Emilio Family since it was decided last summer to complete They started changing the lifestyle. They work hard for success, which leads to result, Just slide pounds down TinaAnd Emilio. The couple is now holding their heads over their ability to carry tens of pounds of extra weight for many years.

“Everyone we meet always praises us for how good we are. I would be lying if I said it just isn’t going well. This is a big change in our life, especially for me, who has always taken care of my appearance. However, it was also difficult to wear clothes with weight. Plus. Now, I donated a large portion of my bulky clothes because I ran out of them all. “ Happy Emilio who will never get rid of one piece.

“My wedding suit will always remind me where I started. It was tailored specifically for me, it was perfect for me. I had a great time in it, I was happy, our wedding was one of the most beautiful days of my life. Today, however, when I look at it, I also imagine how huge I was.” “.

Emilio has revived not only hiding in his ex-suit, but even his wife’s “button”. “I can’t tell you exactly how many pounds I could get at the time, but I think it’s almost double that. Tina has also lost a lot recently, so we wear my bridal suit so smoothly we two, which is shocking. I don’t want to be that big. one more time “ Added on SlágerTV My dear familyBan Emilio.

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Emilio and Tina (Photo: Hit TV)

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