Weekly Public Weeks - "Next Year in Jerusalem"

Weekly Public Weeks – “Next Year in Jerusalem”

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One of the diplomats at the Tel Aviv Embassy in Prague will be transferred permanently to the “Honorary Consulate” in Jerusalem in the future. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quick to explain that the creation of a new embassy was indisputable.

He added that “the establishment of the office has nothing to do with the ongoing peace process in the Middle East and does not affect the old Czech position on it.”

– Written in the ministry statement.

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Askenazi also called his Czech counterpart Tomas Petricek after the announcement:

“This is an important step and signifies the friendship between the two peoples, as well as the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

I sincerely hope that the Czech diplomatic office in Jerusalem will be handed over in the near future and that we will be able to see the flags of our two countries flying in the diplomatic missions of the capitals of the two countries as symbols of courageous friendship and strategic partnership. Between the two countries “.

Thus, the Czech Republic will be the second member state of the European Union after Hungary to open a diplomatic office in the capital of Israel. So far, no EU country has opened an embassy in Jerusalem, and only the United States and Guatemala have.


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