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Weekly love horoscope August 22-28, 2022.

Weekly love horoscope August 22-28, 2022.

This period will not be easy in terms of relationships. However, during difficulties, it becomes clear who those who are inseparable are. Weekly love horoscope.

Aries weekly horoscope of love

Venus passes with the Moon in Leo. This brings beautiful and elegant moments to your daily love life. Unfortunately, Uranus attacks this constellation with a square and attacks Saturn with opposition. A temporary separation is possible, and the other person is likely to be deeply offended. If you are not in a relationship now, then a relationship like a straw flame can come into your life.

Taurus weekly love horoscope

Uranus Venus squares. If you live in a conflicting relationship, you may fall apart for a long time. It is not easy to establish a stable relationship with Uranus, if there are ups and downs so far, then this relationship may suddenly explode. On the other hand, if the feelings between the two of you are strong anyway, then this period will bring you together even more. If you live alone for some time, the desire for renewal may suddenly awaken in you, the relationship may be unusual, and the only chance for continuity is to preserve freedom.

Gemini weekly love horoscope

Mars provides a powerful incentive for self-expression, it contains everything you need for a new love. It awakens strong sexual desires within you, but this is interesting to you only if you already have spiritual harmony. In your case, that’s what love needs.

Cancer weekly love horoscope

The new moon in Virgo gives you the opportunity to get to know each other, but Mars also throws a few obstacles in front of you. There are a lot of fun software opportunities waiting for you where you can meet people, but now you can get irritable easily, even the smallest things can get you out of your groove, and that opportunity quickly becomes a blur. On the other hand, if you control your emotions and do not hide in the snail’s shell, then you can meet someone who can be a really suitable partner.

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leo love weekly horoscope

Venus in the sign of Leo, you have accumulated a lot of things, and your environment will also notice this change. Although you have always been beautiful, now you are almost irresistible, but unfortunately neither Uranus nor Saturn appreciate it. Around this time, if you have a partner, you will have very little patience, and you will feel cold towards your partner in no time. Realize in yourself that these are just fleeting moments and you don’t make a decision about the relationship.


Virgo weekly love horoscope

The New Moon is born under the sign of Virgo, and this gives you the opportunity for many new things and changes, but unfortunately Mars gives you a stressful angle: you may be burdened with a lot of work that you simply cannot date, or you may get upset over the smallest things and make it practically impossible for a relationship to develop. Keep your nerves under control, you can avoid this effect.

libra love weekly

Mercury has entered your sign, and Jupiter also has a positive influence on you, so all kinds of relationships promise to be pleasant. You make the necessary concessions to avoid trouble. If you have an existing relationship, you will make sure that it is not damaged. If you’re single, you might have a casual relationship, but Uranus doesn’t tend to always, so you have to fight for it.

Scorpio love weekly

The angle of light of Venus, Uranus and Saturn indicates that you need to find harmony in the sphere of home, profession and relationship. Perhaps your partner is unhappy because he feels neglected in addition to your work and family. On the other hand, Mars shows that through sexual activity you still experience intimacy and belonging.

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Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Changes in your life come in several areas of your life, so you may be a little nervous and express your feelings in the worst possible place and vent your tension towards your partner. Mars causes irritability, even the smallest things get you out of control. It incites conflicts, which can be overcome if you consciously explore the causes.

Capricorn Weekly Love

Venus, Saturn, and Uranus indicate a period of emotional solitude. You may feel like you are carrying the burden on your own, without help. Of course, this can lead to feelings of depression and dismal dissatisfaction. You may also feel inadequate to deal with your increased responsibilities and obligations. You should know that this is not the case. On the one hand, you are very strong, and on the other hand, there are people you can count on. But you have to ask for help, otherwise you will not get it.

Aquarius love weekly

The Saturn-Uranus-Venus conjunction strains the center of your relationship and involves the home area, and this is an emotionally frustrating experience. The transit of Saturn, the great teacher, indicates that it is time for us to become more emotionally mature. It can be interpreted as the need to give mature emotional responses to difficult situations. But you seem to want to escape and drown in immature feelings or emotional reactions that have nothing to do with development. This is the time of testing, but if you pass it, you will enter the next stage of spiritual maturity, which means happiness.

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Pisces Weekly Love

During the new moon, relationships play a special role, as it is a favorable period for starting new relationships or redefining existing ones. Issues of participation and partnership come to the fore. With this situation comes the awareness that you need someone to depend on. Kindness is your greatest strength. It’s also a good time to connect and get something out in the open.

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