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Weekend horoscopes April 13-14, 2024: Adverse influences

Weekend horoscopes April 13-14, 2024: Adverse influences

Depending on the planets, you can experience completely opposite feelings and emotions this weekend. There will be those for whom Saturday is most convenient, and there will also be those who experience the greatest joys on Sunday. What does your horoscope indicate for the second weekend of April? Here's everything you need to know.

Aries weekend horoscope

Both days of the weekend are spent in completely different moods according to the sensitive Cancer Moon. On Saturday, you want company and experiences, but on Sunday, you prefer to lean in and not stick your nose out. You want everyone to leave you alone. You want to arrange your home. you can do…

Aries April

Taurus this weekend

While you see your financial situation rather bleak on Saturday, everything will be brighter on Sunday. In light of this, it is best not to make a decision on Saturday. This doesn't just apply to your finances…

Taurus April

Gemini weekend horoscope

There will be contradictory influences on Saturday: there will be those who are good at you, and there will be those who completely annoy you. This happens regularly, but now it affects me more sensitively than usual. On Sunday, you can think about the company you should look for…


Gemini April

This weekend could be very contradictory according to the planets (Shutterstock)

Cancer weekend horoscope

You don't even know where your head is, and you want to take care of a million things. But that wouldn't fit a whole week, let alone two days. Withdraw and postpone some tasks! Then ask for help, you don't have to break up on your own. Once you realize it, you can breathe…

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Cancer zodiac sign april

Leo horoscope at the end of the week

According to the planets, don't look at the weather forecast now, because this weekend is sure to be suitable for outdoor activities with friends, colleagues and neighbors. It will work so well that you can create a system from it.

Leo zodiac sign, April

Virgo weekend horoscope

You've often vowed to say no to someone asking you for a favor that would ruin your precious weekend. This is the time to keep the promise you made to yourself. Say no or postpone!

Virgo April

Libra weekend horoscope

Did you start anything before the weekend? Continue and finish on Saturday if possible! Not only will you be satisfied with the result, but you will be inspired to take it to a new level. Whether it is work, study or a hobby..

Libra April

Scorpio this weekend

It is not true that time heals all wounds. It's more accurate to say that you reevaluate some things over time. This weekend, you will find that you see some people and situations differently. Including yourself and your decisions..

Scorpio month April

Sagittarius weekend horoscope

More than anything else, there are those who want you to make time for them. He may be very close, impatiently waiting his turn, listening to how many people you are helping. He does not speak, silently waiting for you to notice him and take care of him…

Sagittarius April

Capricorn weekend horoscope

spring is here. Did you have time to pack your winter gear, boots, and winter coats? Have you ever picked up thin jackets and shoes? Want to create some new colors or patterns? You can do it this weekend. But don't exaggerate! Combine new pieces with existing pieces!

Capricorn April

Aquarius weekend horoscope

You want a little freedom and air. This weekend, the planets suggest you go for a walk alone, walk your dog, run, or ride a bike! No matter which program you choose, just ventilate your head and lungs! You will see how you have changed and refreshed. You will return home.

Aquarius April

Pisces on the weekend

On Saturday, an unpleasant and inharmonious angle of light may give you a headache in the literal or figurative sense. On Sunday, the Cancer Moon brings back the joy of life with its gentle, harmonious angle of light as a bonus. So this week ended really well…

Pisces April

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