Wednesday season 2 should definitely answer that one thing

Netflix recently confirmed that the Wednesday The second season, and the fans sighed with joy when they heard the news. The series, starring Gina Ortega and directed by Tim Burton, was an incredible success, setting rough records after its release and quickly becoming one of the most watched series on the streaming service.

The second season is coming

That’s why fans have been eagerly awaiting the big announcement of the sequel. Thus, the exciting adventures of Nevermore Academy, and Wednesday Addams in particular, will catch your eye again – expected only in 2024 – but in the meantime, let’s see what important question Season 2 has to answer.

Mysterious characters

Nowhere is attended by many students who represent the supernatural types, however, the first season of the series gave no explanation for the so-called identity of a group of faceless students. The Faceless Ones only appear briefly during the season: first when Wednesday arrives at school, then when Principal Weems interviews the students before Outreach Day, and finally during Parents’ Weekend. However, we do not get more information about them, although we learn a lot of details about representatives of other species (werewolves, sirens, mutants, etc.). Plus, mutants seem to be pretty much around the academy, so it’s only strange that Season 1 didn’t deal with them in more detail, so we don’t even know their exact name. classify. All that can be known about them is that they are pale and have no distinct facial features.

Unidentified students

The nameless students may have been inspired by real cultural mythological creatures—just like most of the races at the academy—since they closely identify with the supernatural species from Japanese mythology, the Noppera-bō, which roughly translates to “faceless spirit.” They are people who look human, but have no face: they are generally considered to be quite harmless beings, apart from frightening people.

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Will they be the main characters?

So the speculations about the faceless students attending Nevermore began, fans really want these characters to get more attention in Season 2 and what abilities they have. If they are really inspired by the Japanese legend of Po opera, then the unknown students who imitate the faces of other students or deliberately frighten their classmates may appear on the screen in the future, and it is also possible that they will become key characters in the battle against evil.


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