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WEC Schedule – Fuji 6h, 2023

WEC Schedule – Fuji 6h, 2023

Almost exactly two months ago, the WEC team met for the last time in Monza, where Toyota No. 7 He got a bit of revenge on his home track after the defeat he suffered at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on a Ferrari.

However, this weekend the line-up changed. Fuji is the Japanese’s home race and it would not be surprising if, after Monza, Ferrari is now poised for a noble revenge.

The overall situation in the supercar category is very exciting, despite the Le Mans win #51 Ferrari It’s only in third place behind my Toyota.

Previously, the general scenario in the World Endurance Championship was that whoever wins Le Mans (who has double points) has a good chance of becoming world champion, but this year Toyota is so strong in shorter races that the Japanese are favorites even without the 24 Hours. .

Moreover, after the defeat they suffered at Le Mans, they certainly need to win the World Championship to finish off a successful season.

They could also take a big step in that direction at Fuji Raceway, where Toyota has been unbeaten at home since 2016, and since its return to sportscar racing in 2012, it has only been beaten here once. In 2015, in an unforgettable race, Porsche won, and the Japanese did not even get to the podium.

Fuji 6h 2015 – summary

The fierce battle continues in LMP2 Robert Kubica Mark it Text of Resolution No. 41 And the surprising team of the season #34 Inter Europol competition between. Turning to the last two weekends, the difference between the two podiums at Le Mans is just 10 points.

In the third or fourth place a United Autosport Follow them, but they should be lucky to win the last championship title in P2 class history.

In the GT class, the composite first place has already been decided; Three wins and second place after A Corvette racing Fourth place at Monza was enough to secure the championship with two races remaining.

So the continuity comes from here in Fuji, where the six-hour race will take place, which will be broadcast live from start to finish on Eurosport 1, without commercials or interruptions on, as well as in the app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS .

2023 Fuji 6 Hours schedule:

  • 4:00 – First free practice (90p) – Live timing
  • 8:30 – Second free practice (90p) – Live timing
  • 3:20 – Third free practice (60p) – Live timing
  • 7:30 – GT time trial (15pm) – and app, live
  • 8:05 – LMP2 time trial (15pm) – and app, live
  • 8:30 – Hypercar time trial (15pm) – and app, live
  • 3:30 – Fuji 6h – Eurosport 1 and / App, live

Start: 4:00, end: 10:00

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