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Expansion is already certain, but the location of the new rounds from WEC has yet to be made. One will be in Europe, but there are several candidates for the other.

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The refurbished Porsche-owned Kyalami was a competition for the 9-hour race before the pandemic, Motorsport.com However, another continent is also vying for the place.

The new circuit in South Australia, The Bend, has indicated its intention to finally host an international race alongside the Supercars Tours. And at first they looked nothing short of the FIA ​​World Championship, WEC.

Track owner Sam Shaheen had discussions with the series’ leaders even before COVID, and in 2019 they also came to an agreement. It probably goes without saying that their plans have been severely hampered by strict Australian regulations, but they are now relaxing the regulations.

“I’ve never hidden the fact that we want to host the best events, whether on two wheels or four wheels.” Shaheen confirmed.

“It is almost known that before the pandemic, we already agreed with the World Endurance Championships to come here. But COVID and logistical difficulties are hurdles to overcome.

I don’t think I ask for much. It is an incredible honor to consult with them and host the organizers. They came here first, then I was with them twice.

I have visited their European headquarters on several occasions and we already had an agreement on the table. This is where COVID comes in and pulls it all off.

WEC doesn’t look the same back then, players and hierarchy will be different, but I’m optimistic that WEC has a future on the tarmac at The Bend. “

It is already certain that the 7.7km GT configuration will be used between countless lines, the second longest permanent racetrack in the world after Nordschleife. In 2019, the track has already been used by the Asian Le Mans Series, which will also serve as a precursor to the WEC Tour.

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The World Endurance Championship’s little Asian brother is still in debt to the two track racers, so they will be back in Australia next year.

“WEC was very excited last year and they were watching the alms race. Both the organization and the drivers were happy with the way the 4 Hours at The Bend went.”

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