Web Radio for Hungarians living in America will start on May 1

Web Radio for Hungarians living in America will start on May 1

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Hungarians living in America will receive online radio, whose first broadcast will be provided by DJ Junior, who will be playing live from Studio Rádió1.

“I will be throwing a live party from here in Budapest to both New York and Daytona. This two-hour mix will be broadcast on the newly launched US web radio, which will feature a six-hour interval from Studio Radio1.

– He begins by telling our magazine Kiss József, ie DJ Junior who will spin music in America from ten to midnight in the evening, which practically means he will be throwing the party in Hungary from four to six in the morning, due to the time zones.

“I will see the locations in two windows, here in Budapest. There will be cameras in both New York and Dayton. I will see people celebrating the way they do, and they can even call me and dial numbers through the messaging app.” The disc jockey explains, then adds that people involved in the event can send him photos and videos as well. The two-hour DJ of this concert will also be broadcast by New York-based Radio Cool, which has targeted local Hungarians with radio that can be listened to through the app and website.

“It is important to emphasize that this radio will only be available to Hungarians living in America, and can only be listened to by those with a US IP address. The goal is to reach as many Hungarians living abroad as possible with Hungarian music content” . – said DJ Junior, who also told our magazine that he wouldn’t be the only Hungarian jockey whose music you’ll hear abroad.

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“Hungarian American Radio Owners are expected to contact DJs and other performers, with the aim of bringing radio news to as many Hungarians as possible across America.” Disc jockey closed the conversation.

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