We traveled for 27 seconds against Canada at Spike Hall.

We traveled for 27 seconds against Canada at Spike Hall.

The Hungarian hockey team was defeated in the first season of Hockey Week: the score was 5-1 by the Canadians playing in Europe at Tüskecsarn.

The Hungarian national team lost four goals to Canada (Photo: Victor Ferris)

The host team had 11 players among those who entered the stadium at the FIFA Elite World Cup in Russia, while the guests played exclusively hockey players from Europe this time. The biggest star in the frame was Canadian Max Talbot, who won the Stanley Cup in 2009 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and played in the National Hockey League the previous season, and now the Russian Lokomotiv Yaroslavl


The Hungarian national team started off wonderfully, keeping his goal from goal for a long time, in fact, in the 14th minute. Sofron Steven He also took the initiative with a knock (1–0)!

This condition lasted, for example, for only 27 seconds. Riley crab apple He tied with lightning speed, but our team closed the first third on their own (1–1).

Canadian attacks from the second third scored quickly, and Brandon Coson scored Miklós Rajna’s goal, then at the end of the half Paul Szczechura bombed the short summit, and Zoltán Hetényi opened (1-3).

It is interesting that at that time the number of shots on goal showed a particularly narrow position, numbering 12-18 taps.

At the start of the final season, the match was settled by the visitors in a minute and a half, first by Baraem

With a goal for Holloway Square, Chichura’s second goal was followed at the end Canada won 5-1.

Hockey Week
Hungary 1-5 Canada
(1–1, 0–2, 0-2)
Goals: Sofron (14), Holzapville (14), Coson (25), Chchora (38, 42), Holloway (41).

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Hockey Week Bonus Program and Group Schedules:
The first group: Austria, Italy, South Korea
Secondly. Collection: Hungary, Poland, Denmark

Austria – Italy 15.30.0000
HungaryPoland 19.00
Italy – South Korea 15.30.0000
Poland – Denmark 19.00
South Korea – Austria 16.30.00 update
Denmark-Hungary 20.00.000
5th place: 12.00
Third place: 15.30
Final: 19.00

The Hungarian national team will hit the ice on Sunday at 3.30pm, regardless of how many venues they compete in.

Framework for the Hungarian national team:
Goalkeepers: Zoltán Hetényi (Fehérvár AV19), Miklós Rajna (Fehérvár AV19), Bence Bálizs (MAC Budapest)
The Defenders: Attila Orbán (Fehérvár AV19), Bence Szpontii (Fehérvár AV19), Sagert Kalvin (Fehérvár AV19), Dániel Szabó (Fehérvár AV19), Roland Vokla (MAC Budapest), Tamás Kissnesty Zelgai (MAC Budapest), Tamás Kissnesty (Zákla) (MAC) UTE), Kevin Wehrs (Villach)
Attackers: Karol Csányi (UTE), Bálint Magosi (DVTK Polar Bears), Csaba Kovács (MAC Budapest), Áron Könczei (MAC Budapest), Gergő Nagy (MAC Budapest), Krisztián Nagy (MAC Budapest), István Terbócs (MAC Budapest), János Hári (Leksand), Sarauer Andrew (Fehérvár AV19), Tamás Sárpátki (Fehérvár AV19), Dániel Kóger (Fehérvár AV19), Vas János (Fehérvár AV19), Bodó Christopher (Fehérvár AV19)

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