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We show you where to support the 2023 Tour de Hongrie cycling race

We show you where to support the 2023 Tour de Hongrie cycling race

“The task is difficult, because this year’s race is not only about sprints and hill climbs. There are many places that are worth traveling to from far away, because you can get a lasting experience. Many sections have exceptionally beautiful places.

In addition to the thrilling climbs, the three-stage finish line also provides an opportunity for a fast and spectacular race.

The first stage During the event, the stadium makes two big runs in Hũrség. This gives us the opportunity to see the teams before the start in Szentgotthárd, ride our bikes to the nearby mountain pass (just 8.5km from the start) in front of Farkasfa, and even comfortably reach the finish line to Szentgotthárd in front of the gym, where we are most likely to do the field sprints. See you on the highway. Many people in Körmend are also preparing for the arrival of the Tour de Hongrie at the fan point in Rákóczi utca, as well as in Őriszentpeter in front of Őrségi Malom.

The second phase It starts from the city center of Zalaegerszeg, where you can also meet the teams who are preparing to start. Along the way, the castle provides a unique backdrop for the first part of Sümegen. The road in the Balaton Heights is beautiful all around, the surface of the water is also visible in some places. From the top of the Vigántpetend Serpentine, you can see far. From Zánka to Szigliget, Balaton’s north shore (and, of course, the water) provides the backdrop. In Badacsony and Hévíz you can cheer in one race each, and in Lesencetomaj a mountain race has been added to the course. The finish line in Keszthely again favors the sprinters, and the sprinters’ trains will collide at the long finish line.

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On the third day Even the start is exciting, as the field revolves around Kaposvár, and the first race will take place at the bus stop. There are many fan-friendly spots on the Mecsek circuit, for example, the field goes up three times on the Mánfa climb. Downtown Pécs will be transformed into a bike city for the day: It will be cool in Széchenyi Square. The urban mountainous part starts from here, the steepest part of which will be Paranay Utca. The field goes around this hill three times. Target stirs excitement at the zoo!

The fourth stage We have planned it so that cyclists who visit the start can partially use BUBA to get to Martonvásár. Drivers are very fond of Etyek, last year the mountain hike was included in the route here. Now there will be a race for the green jersey next to Church. After the SPR at Bicske and Esztergom, the road turns and they reach the first summit at Két-bükkfa-syérg. From there, they roll down to the Pilisszentkereszt, and we’ve already reached the heavenly fan world: in the Pilisszentkereszt you can see the field speeding up, and Pilisszántó and Hegyhajra, with their slope of 10 percent, just two kilometers away. After watching two rounds of the Pilisszentkereszt, those who are fast enough (and trained) can still make it to Podobóköre by bike to see if Egan Bernal really wins the stage.

in Budapest It’s hard to pinpoint the best spot on the 9.5km circuit, as the field will be run 16 times all around. The finish line is obviously particularly exciting, but the Buda and Pest ends of the Margit Bridge are also very impressive places, as you can see the field go over and under the bridge. From the upper berth in Pest you can see the entire field moving along the lower berth, and Parliament provides a special backdrop here. From the center of Széchenyi Square, you will be able to see how the bike snakes around the square and reaches the Chain Bridge. Clark Ádám tér is beautiful even without the Tour de Hongrie, but now the scenery of the field can be improved coming from the Chain Bridge and speeding towards Várkert bazaar, where they exit the tunnel after 3-4 minutes into the light and turn into Fő utca in the direction of their destination. In addition to the seats listed, you can find super fan seats almost everywhere on the circuit, and the sporting experience is guaranteed, as the world’s best teams and the world’s best sprinters collide.

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In general, it is best not to go by car to cheer, but if you do, park as far as possible from the race track! Let’s not put our health or the health of competitors at risk! They travel very fast! Watch out for the cars and motorbikes moving along with the field, which are (much) faster than motorcyclists in some places.

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