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We show you when snow showers and snow showers are approaching

We show you when snow showers and snow showers are approaching

On Monday, a noticeable cold front will reach our country, with arctic air flowing over us in its wake.

On Monday, a noticeable cold front will pass over our country, behind it air waves from the Arctic will roll over us, snowfall should also be expected. Kiderü Until Sunday afternoon, the sky will be slightly or moderately cloudy, and there may be precipitation only in some places, then from the afternoon and evening hours, clouds will increase from the west, clouds will become denser, and rain will spread more. And more directions. Some thunderstorms may also develop, and the southwesterly winds will pick up in several directions and sometimes become stronger. The maximum temperature is likely to be between 14 and 20 degrees.

The sky will be cloudy until Monday morning, then it will explode from the west, the clouds will decrease, and the area of ​​continuous rain will extend to the east, and there will be sporadic showers behind it. Thunderstorms also occur in some places, and in the northeast and in the mountains there may be snow. From the afternoon, the tendency to precipitation gradually decreases, the wind turns to the northwest and becomes more stormy in many places, and the minimum temperatures range between 1.8 degrees and the minimum between 7 and 15 degrees. Cloud transitions are expected on Tuesday, usually with several hours of sunshine,

There may be scattered showers, freezing rain, snow showers.

Northwesterly winds with gusty gusts in many directions, the lowest temperature at night is mostly between -4 and +2 degrees, but in parts sheltered from the wind it can measure -5, -8 degrees, the highest temperature during the day is likely be between 4 and 9 degrees. On Wednesday, the sky will be mostly cloudy or overcast, and there may be scattered rain, showers, and even snow showers in the northeast at first. The south, then southwest and west winds will intensify in several places, and by dawn the air will generally cool down to -7 and +2 degrees, but in areas sheltered from the winds and in the northeast, the temperature can reach -8, -9 degrees. Expected 6.15 degrees in the afternoon, the weather will be cooler in the northeast and milder in the southwest.

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