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We should expect severe climate change in the Carpathian Basin

We should expect severe climate change in the Carpathian Basin

Permanent tropical nights in cities, frequent malaria, weeds choking grain fields, polluted food – these are some of the drastic effects that we will face sooner or later in the Carpathian basin as a result of climate change – the Hungarian Academy of Sciences announced in its press release.

This is what is required to change

The study shows that we are now at the point where we are all aware of the problems related to climate change. We know we cannot reverse predominantly man-made processes, but we still have the opportunity to mitigate harmful effects and adapt. We know several solutions to this. However, we must face the fact that radical social change is necessary for action: all actors in society must change their thinking, from individuals to communities and economic actors to political decision makers.

An important message has been formulated

This, that is, shared responsibility, is one of the most important messages formulated by the participants in the meeting of the Standing Interdepartmental Committee on Environment and Health of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, after discussing the expected effects of climate change on health and agriculture. and biodiversity.

In the future, in addition to individual aspirations, the vision of serving the common good must advance. At the individual level, curbing consumption and some comfort needs, and reducing profiteering by economic actors are integral parts of this philosophy of society. All this requires extensive education and environmentally conscious education, especially among the youth who are shaping the future.

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And the role of science, as Gyorgy Koztolani, Vice President of Life Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences explained in his concluding remarks, is that by its very nature it investigates and analyzes phenomena without preconceived notions, and identifies the points where there is interference. Necessary on a social and political level, then encourages intervention in order to achieve long-term goals that serve the social interest.

More conclusions of the meeting dealing with climate change
  • In the second half of the century We should expect severe climate change in the Carpathian basinamong the causes in which the emission of greenhouse gases plays an important role.
  • Extreme climate change will have a significant impact on the entire biosphere, plants, animals and humans alike. In agriculture, this may cause desertification and a decline in biodiversity, while in human terms, the incidence of circulatory and infectious diseases may increase in the first place.
  • Because climate change is irreversible, we must focus our efforts on stopping the negative trend. The longer we stop global warming, the greater the chances of adaptation.
  • Protection from extreme climate change and its impacts must take place at the causal and symptomatic level. The etiological treatment may be carbon removal, that is, carbon dioxide2 and reducing emissions of other greenhouse gases, which may be facilitated by the marginalization of fossil energies. Symptomatic treatment principles and practices must be developed separately by each area of ​​expertise (human and animal health, agriculture, architecture, etc.), under unified central control and within a very short period of time.
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Here is a recording of the performance:

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