“We serve Hungarian sport”

Dr Adam Schmidt, Minister of State responsible for Sport, described the way sport is supported today as historic. For this, he said, it is necessary to involve organizations that define local sports life and communicate with each other. “We believe it is essential to stay in constant contact with all actors in sports management. We visited all our public bodies and discussed the future with their leaders and asked for their opinion. We believe that by constantly communicating and involving these actors in the decision-making process, we can prevent subsequent potential objections and counter interests, thus making sports management more successful.” The goal of the Secretariat of State is to improve the relationship between youth and sports, so that as many people as possible learn about the benefits of playing sports, and over time, regular exercise can become an integral part of their lives.

Dr. Adam Schmidt also presented the organization’s new operational structure, in which, contrary to previous practice, there will be only one deputy foreign minister instead of two, and this position will be occupied by Gabor Schmidt. In his briefing, the Deputy Minister of State for Sports Management and Development said: “First of all, I see it as my task to ensure that State Ministry staff and background organizations are able to implement programs in close cooperation, as the important thing is that the goals we set for ourselves are effectively achieved. also come true.” “We consider it important to establish very close cooperation with public bodies and civil organizations from the very beginning,” he said. Finally, he confirmed that they want to serve Hungarian sports.

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