“We promise that our country will never become Orban Hungary” – the Italian left campaigns before the elections

“I make a solemn promise to the youth. We promise that our country will never become Urban Hungary”

– said Enrico Letta, General Secretary of the Italian Left Democratic Party (Pd) at an election event in Milan.

Viktor Orban at the two-day summit meeting of European Union Heads of State and Government in Brussels on October 22, 2021.

Illustration: Olivier Huslet/AFP

HVG wrote about it, that early elections will be held in Italy on September 24, and that the left regularly attacks in the campaign the right-wing parties with which Viktor Orban cooperates. Matteo Salvini, the Italian Brothers led by Giorgia Meloni, but Urban’s friend was Go, Italy! Leader (Forza Italia!), Silvio Berlusconi, these three right-wing parties are the most likely to form a government.

The League and the Italian Brotherhood, which is leading in opinion polls, have been accused of seeking freedoms in the same way as the Orbán government: the Democratic Labor Party candidate, Alessandro Zan, said that if Melones won, they would lose. All the liberties they won, former Star Party prime minister Giuseppe Conte accuses Salvini of using Orbán’s Hungary as a model, as women’s right to go to university is contested. According to HVG, with this You can refer to the analysis of the State Audit Bureau. (HVG)

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