We overcooked again this year!

The Day of Overconsumption shows how long it takes humanity to consume enough Earth’s resources for a year. This year, that day agreed to July 29. In our county, many organizations have supported the goal of environmental awareness. They help people do this by leaving their lifestyles with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

If we simplify the situation, we will have a planet of energy that can be consumed in a sustainable way for a year, but humanity has outlived that by the end of July. Cecila Boxage, owner of the first unpacked store in the county. He added that this indicator depends on the total population of the world, there are underdeveloped countries where this figure is much lower, while in Western Europe or the United States, consumer societies are much higher. This state is irreversible, anything we consume for this year is considered overconsumption.

“All we can do is prepare ourselves for the next year and, as a normal human being, learn to live with a little more awareness,” he said.

The owner of the store is committed to protecting the earth, so he sells and sells his products in such a way that he leaves as little environmental footprint as possible: he gets his port from local producers and does not use unnecessary packaging. It also encourages shoppers to choose their everyday gear from a sustainable material rather than plastic.

Csilla Pocsaji also said that everyone has a different lifestyle, but if someone wants to take steps towards environmental awareness, that can be a good foundation.

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We are moving fast and consuming. Since my subconscious is the moment I throw the trash or turn the lights on and off, it will be important to be aware of those moments, even rummaging through the trash of what I will leave behind and what I can change. He added that with the help of online surveys, anyone can now easily assess the size of their environmental footprint.

Peacefully, the library staff also sided with the cause of environmental protection and created the Terra Club, the first of which was held on Monday.

– We invited those interested to a joint discussion: to whom does environmental awareness mean, what is the path, where to go in its implementation, what help might he need, what topics people are interested in – in detail Edit Mate, an employee of the Békés City Püski Sándor Library, then added that there will be monthly events where many professionals can help those interested.

Photo: Bianca Vari (behir.hu)

The Corus Valley Nature Park Society is also holding the Ligeti Fair in August. According to the organizer, the program is beneficial in several ways: the short transportation distance of products reduces environmental impact, and also contributes to the development of the local economy. Gabriella Boxy He emphasized that through mindful shopping, backlog and waste can also be reduced.

“When someone consciously plans what they want to cook for three to four days or even a week, they buy exactly that and buy exactly what they are going to make. That way, the waste can be minimized, and if we miss something, we can even move on to composting or other activities. Which also contribute to reducing the ecological footprint, including environmental awareness, he said.

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The exhibition is open all day Saturday at the Széchenyi Grove.

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