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We need to build our new world on our old traditions

We need to build our new world on our old traditions

On the eve of a new era, we will reserve something for the pastRa group ofto? Will those who come after us have the opportunity, and the need, to quote the past?ItTo save her, to live it on the basis of the future? Because so far we have sought for this in the spirit of well-known slogans: Without a past, no future will forget its past …

Is it our thinkingThe ban, Which they always want to shape more, will there be a place to restore and revive the treasures of our history, our ancestors and our culture, and to preserve and transmit the residual values ​​of the past? Is this still important to us? Will someone take love to the other shore?

I feel that in this turbulent, globalized liberal world, the question is legitimate, and anxiety is legitimate.

a tradition His question applies to all areas of our life and society, but most of all to human relations, because these are the most sensitive areas of the soul, and the cancers of grievances of the soul.

The breakdown in family relationships and kinship has so far destroyed human relations imperceptibly to the point that we have not even noticed it. Family break-up has become an old disease, the tragedy of children born out of the family, the removal of parents, grandparents and siblings who once belonged to the family (nursing homes, homeless people, “torn” family members abroad, children, etc.), and I can list, workplace Modern apartment, etc. We explain).

We have been living this for nearly 50-60 years since we left the village houses, squares, parks, Homes, elderly parents, and families.

With all this, the social cell that was the basis of society, concern for each other, protection of the family, moral standards for the human being, and the proper upbringing of future generations were dismantled. The need for the cohesion of small communities was replaced by arrogance, the separation of the new rich behind the concrete walls, and the formation of parties, whichSuch as Only people with needs and equal value are acceptedNak between them…

To date, the Csemadok folklore movement, which lived for seventy years, has revived the only phase that has unfortunately been revived. (Distorted at times) Folk traditions, including the most precious treasures of popular culture: folk songs and costumes. Other areas of popular life – eg, popular religiosity, and specializationaHabits, vacations and eating – either disappeared or changed due to insane inheritance flow.

However, everything I mentioned above – history, social life, people, customs and traditions – shaped the moral norms and foundations of the ancient world, which have been preserved for centuries.KA, hitit, family And communities.

The unexpected pandemic of 2020 is the madness of human existence Value Still left He tried to take away his germs, and his spiritual substrates, from people, and future generations (touch, cuddle, contact, to mention only the most sensitive dimensions). Adults can still remember, but younger than ma They receive this, and they don’t give God too long to bear Transfer of Ownership (brutality) In these forms, it will become popular. And who knows what this new world will bring them …

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