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We must be ready for the Russians to turn off the gas tap

We must be ready for the Russians to turn off the gas tap

Before a meeting with EU energy ministers, Kadri Simsun stressed that a quick agreement between European institutions on the level of filling gas storage facilities will ensure the provision of energy to the public. “We will make sure that consumers’ homes are heated,” he said.

Kadri Simpson’s warning may be worrisome to many. Photo: European Parliament

He said that if the EU Commission’s proposal is adopted by the Council, the member states will fill their gas storage facilities to supply the public fully. However, in his opinion, there is a need for a coordinated approach to the energy supply of companies, with a special focus on reducing needs. He said that the different sectors need to be evaluated in order to be ranked among them in terms of energy demand. According to him, the European Commission is working on a new list of energy suppliers so that it can negotiate the best prices.

In plenary last week, the European Parliament approved the European Commission’s proposal to secure Europe’s natural gas reserves. Under the new proposal for regulations, member states and operators would have to fill at least 80 percent, but possibly 85 percent, of natural gas storage facilities in Europe by November 1. In the coming years, the target will rise to 90% to protect Europe in the event of a supply disruption. Member states are also expected to obtain natural gas from more sources and increase energy efficiency through specific measures.

According to the regulation, gas storage facilities are now a vital infrastructure. Therefore, in order to exclude the risks of external interference, its operators must undergo mandatory certification. Only operators who have obtained this certification can remain in the ownership or control of EU operators. EU energy ministers may approve the proposal at their meeting on Monday. After that, the regulation will enter into force. (MTI)

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