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We may have to wear a mask next year, too, says an American epidemiologist

He said on Sunday that Americans will likely still have to wear a mask in 2022, even if the United States eases restrictions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic. Anthony Fauci According to CNN news, MTI, the World Health Organization, reported Joe Biden Senior Health Adviser to the President of the United States.

Although the daily number of confirmed infections continues to decline in the United States, thousands of Americans still die every day from the Coronavirus. Just over 5 percent of the country’s population has been vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine so far. One of Biden’s top priorities is to speed up the pace of vaccinations, and federal leaders are calling for more and more doses of the vaccine to try to prevent the spread of an epidemic that has killed nearly half a million people in the United States. far.

The virologist with the US government’s Coronavirus Task Force said this half a million figure is a terrible historical milestone. Asked if Americans were expected to continue wearing the mask next year, Fauci replied that he believed that was the case. He added that this also depends, for example, on the prevalence of newer variants.

In an interview with US television, NBC, the expert also talked about that it is too early to say when the US can achieve full immunity. On Sunday’s TV show on Fox News, he said whether people in the United States will need a booster shot later depends on how the so-called mutation has spread in South Africa.

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The virologist said: “While the vaccines currently available appear to provide protection against the alternative at the UK level, they are less protective against the South African version, which has not yet prevailed.” Anthony Fauci added, “If this alternative becomes more widespread, we may need to have a version of the vaccine that specifically protects against the mutation in South Africa.”

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