We lose a monstrous amount every year managing our finances, but that can be changed

Wise already has 16 million customers worldwide and has plans for further expansion. The global technology company dedicated to building the best way to send and manage money is launching a new look today.

There is almost no one who does not at least know Wise’s services, after all, they are already used by more than 16 million people worldwide, and each quarter they handle transfers of nearly HUF 10.8 billion to nearly six million active customers, and about One hundred thousand new clients register with them every week.

With the current full visual makeover, the company is showing off a new green palette and bold new typeface, and world currencies, places, and languages ​​can be detected in the look. The goal of the new image is to ensure that Wise’s customer experience is uniform regardless of the location and language of registration, it emphasizes

Al-Hakim’s mission is to create a world without limits for money.

As well as its aspiration to create a fast, convenient, cost-effective and transparent global alternative to the traditional correspondent banking system.

With Wise, new things can still be discovered around the world

Wise started its journey in 2011 and continues to invest heavily in expanding its unique international account offering and the infrastructure that supports it:

Wise arithmetic: The world’s first international account that allows customers to transfer, spend, receive and hold money in more than 50 currencies. Wise recently launched the uk Property belong to its named function interestsand launched credit refunds in Europe. These are features that allow customers to earn a return on their money held in Wise without tying up their money, so they can access it whenever they need it. Today, Wise announced that Wealth Also rolled out in Singapore, this feature will soon be available in Europe.

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The Wise Business account: Wise Business is the only international corporate account that offers all the features of a personal account, plus important features for businesses such as multi-user access, approval workflows, integration with accounting software such as Xero, and cards used for company expenses can also be ordered for employees. Wise Business is used by more than 300,000 companies every quarter. In the US, Wise also began offering cards for LLCs (the English equivalent of LLCs) and sole proprietors.

platform wise: More than 60 large banks and companies, including Google Pay, Deal and Monzo, are offering faster, cheaper and more efficient international payments to their customers through the Wise Platform partnership. The Wise Platform started today with Bank Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest bank by assets.

Global expansion from Budapest

Wise currently employs 5,000 people worldwide, 700 of whom work in Budapest, the company’s second largest office in the European Union. The entire company is represented in the Budapest Centre, including tasks related to banking, engineering, marketing, operations and products.

The Hungarian office is the key to achieving Wise’s mission, i.e. to bring the world of money without borders to people and companies.

Staff in Budapest enjoy a flexible work environment, private medical insurance, mental health support, stock options, six weeks of paid vacation after four years at Wise, and benefits such as a SZÉP card and relocation benefits.

Cristo Carman, Co-Founder and CEO, Wise

“Our new look is inspired by the millions of people and companies around the world who use Wise today,” said Cristo Carman, Co-Founder and CEO of Wise. – We are inspired by the place where they live, but it also symbolizes the excitement that discovering the world can give us. Over the past year, we’ve introduced new features to make Wise more useful to our customers and referrals faster.

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More than half of all transfers are delivered to the recipient in less than 20 seconds. In 2022 alone, we saved our customers around HUF 646 billion (£1.5 billion) compared to banks.”

“But we still have a long way to go,” Carman continued. – Hidden fees still mislead individuals and companies and lose about HUF 78,000 billion each year by running their international financial affairs with banks. This money could have been used to pay bills, expand their business, or save. We find this unacceptable and we are committed to making our services available to anyone, anywhere.”

The new look will be launched today on the Wise website and mobile app, as well as on the company’s digital channels, such as social media.

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