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We look on with tears in our eyes when they left this BMW alone

We look on with tears in our eyes when they left this BMW alone

The BMW M3 CSL has been waiting for a better fate in an underground British garage for nearly 20 years. The history of the Bavarian sports coupe is mysterious and, at some points, completely unbelievable, but the information that has come to light so far Based on On August 4, 2004, a supposedly wealthy businessman picked up his new car in London, parked it after 59 kilometers and never looked back.

Referring to other sources, A. writes carscopes, that the story of the businessman’s orphaned BMW is actually just a foam fairy tale. So much so that it has 16,000 km on the clock instead of 59, and has been changed several times over the years. Based on the license plate number, the Instagram user discovered that the last known mileage was 23,000 km, but no tax had been paid since March 2006.

Because of the contradictory data, it is difficult to say when the M3 CSL was left alone, but everyone agrees that it has not been stable since yesterday. This is also evident from its condition, where a thick layer of dust covers the bodywork, several wheels are battered and worn, and the rear bumper touches the ground.

It is also unclear what awaits BMW in the future, and whether there is any chance of saving it from extinction. However, the question probably concerns many people, since the limited series version of the M3 introduced in 2004 has a huge fan base.

The M3 CSL features a 3.2-liter inline-six engine that develops 360hp and 370Nm of torque. In the case of the sports coupe, which is only available in gray and black, the aim was to reduce weight clearly, which has been achieved, weighing 110 kilograms less than the base model (1,385 kilograms), which is also contributed by the carbon fiber roof, which It was used for the first time in the history of the brand.

Only 1,383 of them were made, so individual copies are rarely changed – it would be a shame for this one…

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