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The most famous mother heroes today are influential mothers, that is, influential mothers and they speak to their large number of followers about the beauty and difficulties of motherhood. The upcoming Mother’s Day is the perfect time to introduce our favourites.

In some cases, what mothers do is almost a social act, giving so much power to fellow mothers, who are often isolated and grinding between waves of doubt and self-blame, they also play a role in overturning many of the taboos surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth and motherhood. By the way, they are excellent content producers with a great sense of humor – they are worth following not only as a mom. The upcoming Mother’s Day is the perfect time to introduce our favourites.

5 of our favorite mamas

1. Lauren Egans

With four kids, Lauren Agans doesn’t have much time to get bored either, and as a full-time mom, there will definitely be challenges she can complain about. But there’s no such thing: The North Carolina-based mom has a great sense of humor, as well as being a professional content producer, so we’re guaranteed to laugh at every post. And in the end, we can’t help but love him.

2. Chontell Duncan

Australian Rubint Rékája, who with her husband founded and made the HIIT Station gym network successful, then became a successful entrepreneur, nutritionist and former Miss, and a mother of five children under the age of 6, including twins. I don’t follow Chontel for her flawless figure, not primarily for her training or nutritional advice, but because I’m inspired by her eternal optimism. She talks about the hardships and her daily life as a mother of five, an entrepreneur, and a coach, but she’s always looking for solutions and the bright side of things.

“Taking care of my 5 dear children is not only the greatest privilege of my life, but also my inspiration. And sharing this journey with my high school sweetheart makes it even more magical. Every challenge and every obstacle makes me learn and work hard for them. I will never give up fighting for what I know They deserve it – a life full of love, joy, and endless possibilities. My life may be busy, but it’s full of love and purpose, and for that I’m forever grateful,”

3 – Tina B.

Mama_nurse_tina is a midwife and mother of four, actively producing content for her Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram channels with great energy and lots of positivity. In addition to giving a glimpse into her private life, she shares lots of helpful advice and important information with pregnant women, those about to give birth, and those who are already mums.

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