We haven’t seen anything like this in Miskolc in years!

We recently celebrated Bird and Tree Day, so Miskolc Zoo was very happy to announce their new birds.

The Australian parrot species range has increased by a total of four individuals of two species. Three Pennant parrots and a Goffin cockatoo have moved in with the previous residents.

The zoo’s guffin’s parrot chicken has been a resident of this fly for years. His companion came from the Straubing Zoo in Germany – a male bird. Although cockatoos are famous for being selective in mating, they like to choose their future among several candidates, but their caretakers are confident that their birds will soon love each other and may rejoice at the breeding.

At the moment, the Flying Bare-Eyed Macaw is the most interested in the new resident, but since it is a young two-year-old bird, we hope that by the time they reach sexual maturity in about two years, they will meet each other in Miskolc.


The Goffin Cockatoo lives in the Tanimbar Islands in northern Australia. Although these islands administratively belong to Indonesia, and therefore to Asia, special birds have been included in the flight of Australian bird species. This is due to the fact that the Tanimbar Islands, from the point of view of zoology, lie east of the so-called Wallace Line, which passes through the Indonesian archipelago and separates the Asian and Australian fauna.

Pennant’s parrots have been missing from the Miskolc Zoo’s collection for the past few years, but with these three individuals, these colorful birds can be admired once again.

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It is a common species of bird in eucalyptus forests in eastern and southeastern parts of Australia, but it also appears regularly in the bird feeding environment of parks and gardens.

It forms its nest in a tree. They feed on the seeds and fruits of herbs and other plants to a lesser extent on flowers and insects.

Three Pennant parrots have now arrived in Miskolc from Bratislava Zoo.

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